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Welcome to Swagat Indian Cuisine

Indian Restaurant in Greenwood, Indiana

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Who We Are

Our Roots

We are starting our business with one goal in mind: providing an enjoyable dining experience to the Greenwood and Indianapolis area.We strive to provide Indian dishes that are fresh, hearty and simply unforgettable.

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Lunch  Specials

We are now offering Lunch Specials starting at $13.99 from Tuesday to Sunday. Please scroll down to the 
Menu to  look at our Lunch Special Options

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Food for Every Mood

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Vegetable Pakoras


Served All Day

  • Vegetable Samosa-2 pieces(crisp triangular patties stuffed w/peas & potatoes with spices & deep fried)...$3.99

  • Vegetables Pakoras-Full plate(Fritters of assorted fresh vegetables gently seasoned & deep fried)...$3.99

  • Aloo Tikki-2 pieces(Spicy stuffing dipped in chick pea butter, then breaded and deep fried)...$3.99

  • Paneer Pakora-6 pieces(Pieces of homemade cheese, dipped in chick-pea batter and deep fried)...$6.99

  • Chicken Pakora-6 pieces(Tender pieces of boneless chicken marinated in spice and batter fried)...$7.99

  • Fish Pakora-6 pieces(boneless tilapia fish marinated in spices and batter fried)...$7.99

  • Vegetable Platter(1 Veg Samosa,4 Veg Pakoras, 2 Paneer Pakora, and 1 Aloo tikki)...$8.99

  • Paneer Chilli(cottage cheese, sauteed with bell peppers & onion Indian Chinese spicy sauce)...$12.99

  • Gobhi Manchurian(Cauliflower pieces with bell peppers & onion in Indian Chinese spicy sauce)...$11.99

  • Samosa Chat(Crumbled samosa topped with curried chick peas, chutney, chopped onions, tomatoes & yogurt)...$9.99

  • Tikki Chat(Mashed potato patty topped with curried chick peas, chutney,chopped onions, tomatoes & yogurt)...$9.99

  • Pappadi Chat(Layers of curried chick peas, potatoes,chopped onion, tomatoes, crispy wafter, chutney & yogurt)...$9.99

  • Chana-with choice of 2 Poori or Bathura(Chick peas cooked with garlic, ginger & cilantro, served with choice of fried poori or fried butura).....$10.99

  • Lentil Soup......$4.99

  • Chicken Soup.....$5.99

Opening Hours

Take Out and Dine in

Tuesday - Thursday: 11am - 2.30 pm, 4.30 pm to 9.00 pm
Friday,Saturday: 11am - 2.30 pm, 4.30 pm to 9.30 pm
Sunday: 11 am-2.30 pm, 4.30 pm to 9 pm
Thursday Feb 11 - Closed

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